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About Sailability Toronto

Sailability Toronto operates from its own jetty and premises, beside Toronto Amateur Sailing Club at 27 Victory Parade, Toronto.

We operate with a Covid-safe plan.  All volunteers are triple-vaxxed at the very least. 

We have eight Hansa 303 dinghies, two Hansa 303S dinghies (controlled using a small joystick and electric switches), five Hansa 2.3 dinghies and two safety boats. We also provide a life jacket for everyone who sails.

We sail on Thursday and Saturday mornings during the warmer months, from October to April. 

Our objective is to provide the facilities and personnel to make sailing available to people living with disability in the region we serve; to do so safely and to give them an enjoyable sailing experience. A number of our people with disabilities sail by themselves, but most often, volunteer sailors take our clients sailing. We serve both children (from special schools) and adults with disabilities.

We have a crane on our pontoon to winch wheelchair-bound, or clients with movement difficulties, into and out of the dinghies.

Many of our volunteers are experienced sailors, but we also have non-sailing personnel on-shore to help schedule our program and to help load and unload our clients as needed. A safety boat is always on the water. We regard both our sailing personnel and  on-shore personnel as being equally important to the smooth and successful operation of our program.

Our volunteers range in age from teenagers to retirees, with most being the latter.

We are always looking for more volunteers, and whilst experience in sailing and caring for people with disabilities is desirable, the attribute that we regard as most important is a caring, understanding and patient attitude towards those we serve. Our volunteers find their efforts rewarding – you will find it likewise. If you wish to volunteer, contact our President by phone on 0428 416 660, or just drop by on any sailing day.   (If the weather is marginal, call 0466 388 085 from about 8:30am and listen to the recorded message notifying if sailing is on.)

We are very fortunate to be part of a supportive community. An example of this invaluable support is Michael Babbage from MEB Sail Design, Unit 2/192 Macquarie Road Warners Bay, who has generously donated a set of sails for our Hansa 3o3 dinghy, ‘Liesl’, named after local paralympian Liesl Tesch.

One of our members, Wendy, has created this YouTube video clip   It was filmed at the Belmont branch of Sailability, on a day with little wind.

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